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Active Minutes Team Challenge

To coincide with the launch of our health and wellbeing programme Healthy Heroes, we set our Up & Under Sport teams a challenge to see which team could generate the most active minutes throughout term 1.  To follow the 5 stages to wellbeing namely connect, be active, learn, give and take notice, we decided to focus on the physical aspect for the first challenge of the year.  The rules were very simple, activity needed to be tracked on either a phone app or activity tracker from Monday to Friday starting on Wednesday 5th September and ending on Wednesday 24th October.  The type of activity has been left up to each individual, but we have seen walking, running, cycling, playing five aside, going to the gym, playing basketball and dancing in the kitchen to name but a few!!  At the end of each week, Team Leaders Rachel and Dave would accumulate the score from all coaches to see which team was the most active.

To be fair to each team, there have been some fairly big obstacles for coaches to overcome during the challenge which has made it hard, illness, new babies, injuries and classroom teaching etc have made it difficult to be active, however everyone has risen to the challenge and got fully involved.  Daniel Edozie, Bristol Flyers Basketball Team Captain also got involved and offered his support of Team Rachel in their attempt to go for the win!

Schools have fully involved themselves in the challenge with pupils actively backing teams and being encouraged to get out and be active.  Teachers have been inspired to get involved and the Headteacher of Colerne Primary, Mr Solomon even joined Stuart on a lunchtime run.


As an organization, we wanted the children that we come in to contact with on a daily basis to be able to see that we demonstrate the importance of physical activity.  Research has proved that physical activity is incredibly beneficial not just for the body but also for mental wellbeing.  Activity is known to reduce anxiety levels and create a much more positive frame of mind and outlook on life which are really important and reflect the message that we are teaching through Healthy Heroes.


The scores remained fairly close for the first couple of weeks before Team Rachel began to build up some momentum and created a fairly large lead, however Team Dave were not going to just roll over and let them win.  There was no time for complacency and being the competitive bunch that we all are, the competition was definitely still on.

This term, the Up & Under Sports organisation have completed a huge 71,919 active minutes (1198 hours) over 36 day which is incredible.  But there can only be one winner and the winner for this challenge with a lead of 12,825 active minutes which works out at about 85 hours is Team Rachel.  Congratulations to both teams, your competitive drive and willingness to go that extra mile has been mind blowing and we are not only very impressed with you all, but probably owe you all a new pair of trainers aswell!!

Watch this space for the next team challenge, coming in Term 2.

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