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Fantastic Final day of our 3 Multi Sports Courses

Hardenhuish: We had a fantastic day playing lots of Halloween games and we were really impressed with Olivia and Charlie’s face paint, which set the tone for the rest of the day. We started the day creating a spooky Halloween obstacle course. Sinead and I started the course with a tunnel and a giant pumpkin path and the children created the rest of the course. All three groups were very creative with their choices and we had a lot of fun trying to get the fastest time around the course. Connor was the fastest to complete the course in 45 seconds. We finished the morning with some Ninja Fit with Sinead and the children had a fantastic time developing their own patterns. Well done to Lottie, Hettie and Isaac for winning a prize for the best pattern.

After a short lunch we took part in a pumpkin treasure hunt out on the playground, hunting for small and large pumpkins. There was some great team work to find all the pumpkins and prizes were shared amongst the group. We then took advantage of the sunshine and enjoyed two competitive games of football and handball. There were some skilful goals from Fin and some excellent interceptions from Evie. To finish the afternoons activities, we played Dodgeball and did some mat racing. Lots of fun was had by all and Barry and I loved joining in being the joker for each group. The winners of our certificates and prizes today were Evie for fantastic leadership and being kind to the younger children and to Charlie for his enthusiasm, determination and kind nature in competitive situations.

Well done to all children that have attended this week at Hardenhuish School. We’ve had a lot of fun with you and look forward to seeing you soon.  Rachel, Sinead & Barry

Combe Down: At the start of day 3 weather was looking good and we had lots of Halloween games planned. We started off by splitting the group into two teams, one team called ‘True Gaming…’ and an amazing team name that we’ve never heard of was ‘Donald Trumpkin the Pumpkin’ this team go the bonus point! We decided to go outside and start the day off by playing a game of Cone Invasion which took us up to our break. The group decided as it was Halloween they wanted to play a game called ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ which involves 1 team of zombies having to find a team of humans. ‘Donald Trumpkin the Pumpkins’ took a 23 point lead going into lunch. After lunch we played a huge game across the playground of Ultimate Lacrosse which bought the scores back pretty even going into our last game of the day, but with some great team work and good tactics ‘Donald Trumpkin the Pumpkins’ finished the day with a 20 point lead after winning all the games in ‘Capture the Pumpkin’. What a day to finish off our course at Combe Down. Robin & Ollie

Saltford: It was wicked Wednesday at the Saltford course yesterday and our Halloween themed day was embraced by a number of children coming in fancy dress or scary masks.  The activities kicked off with a spooky obstacle course. The group set up the course and had to escape from a very scary Erin wearing a particularly horrific mask.  Following on from this we had a game of the aptly named ‘Poison’ basketball shooting game. After a much needed rest from the activities we had our Halloween treasure hunt where a penalty shootout score gave you the clues needed to find the hidden Halloween treasure.   All of the children had to switch on their brains as well as their bodies for the games and they all did so with great effect. Thanks to all that came. We look forward to seeing you all soon. Stuart & Erin



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