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Day 1 of our Three Half Term Multi Sports Courses

We have 3 Multi Sports courses running Mon – Wed this week and have had a fantastic first day all round!  Here the coaches give us a snapshot of the activities at each course:

Hardenhuish: A chilly start to our half term Multi Sports course at Hardenhuish today. We kick started the day with a game of Beat the Ball to learn each other’s names and test our rugby skills. We then split into two teams and had fun playing Dodgeball.  This game is always popular and energetic and it was great to have our new team member Barry with us for the first time, who added some creative variations to the game. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, especially when using foam frisbees which were extremely hard to dodge. Charlie, age 5 showed determination throughout and knocked Rachel out of the game several times with his frisbee throwing technique. To finish the morning activities, we set up an exciting game of Capture the Flag on the field, using the trees to help disguise our team bases and jails. The afternoon at Hardenhuish was filled playing indoor tennis and tagging games. Our Superstar of the Day was Finlay, who demonstrated enthusiasm, skilful play and good teamwork but also showed sportspersonship qualities at the end of the Capture the Flag game which bagged him the award today. We hope you have a restful evening, so you are ready for another energetic day tomorrow.  Rachel & Barry

 Combe Down Primary: Today started with cold but sunny conditions at Combe Down, we weren’t quite brave enough to venture outside early, but a Parkour course kept us nice and warm! Amongst the other activities today were Dodgeball, 40/40, Football and Gaga Ball. There were some outstanding performers with the youngest member of the group, Sophia, taking home the Superstar award for an outstanding all round display! Elliot showed exceptional leadership all day despite the fact that his team weren’t at the top of the leader board at 3pm and Aldo put in a brilliant performance in Gaga Ball to take the contribution of the day title!  With a host of activities in planned for the autumn sun tomorrow, what could be better than joining us! Robin & Ollie

Saltford School: Today’s holiday course saw the group test their skills with a variety of Dodgeball games. It was great seeing some of the older children helping the younger ones by using their own bodies as shields to stop the ball hitting others.  Following a short break we then had Football followed by Basketball. The teams selected were really putting their all into every game, with some big sliding tackles and attempted slam dunks in the different sports. All in all, a great day and we look forward to continuing where we left off, with more fun tomorrow. Erin & Stuart



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