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Netheravon Half Term Multi Sports, Day 2

Our wet day started with a team selection and naming discussion. Popcorn Minions and Frightful 4, No! were the new team names and both teams showed impressive respect. Matthew, age 11 said “Naming your team is the hardest part of the day!” The first activity was a gymnastics circuit of activities, allowing children to explore movement, balancing and to climb ropes and bars. After a quick snack and drink we ventured outside for a game of Arches and Chaos Tag followed by Capture the Flag.

Capture the Flag saw some interesting hiding places, great leadership by the older children and the grand finale of Ollie and Clare versus saw some great teamwork from all the children. Adam, age 11 said “Capture the Flag was very cool as you get to run a lot and have to think about hiding the flag!”

After lunch, a quick Just Dance and a free play outside the group decided they wanted to play dodgeball, bench ball and uni-hoc inside. Dodgeball saw the teams demonstrating brilliant hand eye co-ordination and determination. Dr dodgeball brought a whole new element to the next game and the children had amazing resilience. Uni-hoc brought passion and sportspersonship to the sports course. Scarlett-Skye, age 8 said “Uni-hoc is a fun game to play when teams work together nicely!”

Clare and Ollie have had another great day at Netheravon All Saints Primary and both hope the children did too! At the end of the day children are awarded certificates and prizes for Leadership, Contribution and Star of the Day. Today’s awards go to:  Adam for Leadership; Ollie for Contribution and Scarlett-Skye was our Star of the Day.  Well done everyone, enjoy the rest of your half term.

Clare and Ollie


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