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Term 1 in Review – What’s been happening at Up & Under Sports

With four new roles and lots of new initiatives being introduced to Up & Under Sports we knew it would be an exciting first term. As Team Leaders it was our role to ensure our new teams were confident and motivated to start the busy year. Having a collaborative training day really enthused and inspired everyone before they went back to school after the Summer holidays.

One of our main aims as Team Leaders was to showcase what our talented coaches do, day in and day out across the 60 Primary schools we work alongside. With this in mind we created two new Instagram accounts. The first being @Upandundersports_coach_ed this focuses on sharing physical activities and PE lesson ideas, which we use within our mentoring and coaching sessions. Our Coach-Ed account illustrates all the multi skills game ideas we shared on our training day at the start of term, giving our followers some easy to follow and effective ideas for their own lessons. We want to share our wealth of knowledge with fellow PE professionals as well the teachers we work alongside within our Primary schools, to inspire and enthuse them further about the benefits of physical activity. Our second Instagram account @up_and_undersports is another outlet to stay in touch with our Up & Under Sports parent and school community, here we share our blogs, newsletters and pictures of the fun we are having in after school clubs and on holiday courses.

We have created our own hashtag #InspireUUS with the aim of inspiring people to become more active, especially as families, and we’d love our Up & Under Sports community to tag us in their active pictures, so we can see what you’ve been up to.  We’re aiming for 200 followers by Christmas so if you’re not following already, us please do so.

Another new and exciting change for us at the start of the year was to create our own Up & Under Sports values. We picked values which we could portray in our schools and most importantly in our lessons and to the children. These values are Respect, Sportspersonship, Determination, Resilience, Leadership, Passion and Teamwork & Independent Learning.

Within our teams, we allocated each coach a value to focus on for the term. Each coach, in their own unique way, incorporated their value into their sessions.  Some brilliant ideas were used and not just in a sporting environment; from year 1 children learning to tie their shoelaces to year 6 trying out a challenge of bouncing a ball in each hand at the same time.

Also, at the start of term, the friendly Active Minutes battle between Team Dave vs Team Rach began. The challenge was to see which team could record the most active minutes.  Daily runs, gym sessions, skipping and tennis along with the countless trips back and forth to the PE sheds all helped clock up some impressive minutes.  Both teams got into the flow of the competition, which was great fun and of course, a lot of extra exercise.

Team Rach came out on top for the first challenge, winning by a comfortable margin. So, Team Dave are looking forward to the opportunity to even the scores by the Christmas break with the next challenge!

Wishing everyone a great half term.

Rachel & Dave


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