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Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

The end of the first term is upon us and what a term its been.  At the start of September, we launched our new Healthy Heroes programme in primary schools across Wiltshire to try and encourage pupils to consider different aspect of health using simple and realistic ideas that they could do on a daily basis to try and stay both physically and mentally healthy.  The response from both students and teachers in these schools has been fantastic and we are delighted that our first term of delivering the new programme has been such a success.

I would absolutely recommend Healthy Heroes to other primary schools. It certainly had a positive impact with my children.’                      

          Mrs Natalie Hull – PE Coordinator, Redland Primary School


Schools have particularly enjoyed the flexibility to create a programme which is bespoke to the requirements of their pupils and out of all the schools taking part in term 1, no school has requested the same lessons.  It reinforces the point that I make regularly in my lessons that we are all very different and that is what makes life so interesting, it would be very boring if we were all the same.

‘It was particularly useful to be able to choose the lesson content before the unit began.’

       Mr Biddall – Corsham Primary School

In addition to the classroom aspect, the pupils have also thoroughly enjoyed learning to play either Handball or Basketball with Erin.  The practical aspect is designed in such a way that it is fully inclusive to all abilities, has a balance between skill based learning and competition and most importantly is lots of fun.

‘The children have loved Basketball.  Thanks to Erin, the children have engaged well.  Both teachers have been great with the children, they are disappointed it is coming to an end.’

        Mrs O’Brien – Redland Primary School

Overall the term has flown by, we have been absolutely delighted with the enthusiasm and the openness of the children we have taught.  We are looking forward to taking Healthy Heroes to lots of new school next term in our quest to help children across the South West to understand more about how to be physically and mentally healthy.

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