Pupils highlight the benefits of PE

This week we did some research into the perceived benefits of PE from the children we teach. Up & Under Sports delivers PE sessions to 51 schools throughout Wiltshire, Bath and Bristol. We not only teach the physical skills of PE but also strive to develop the mental and social aspects. This week we asked our pupils to reflect on their PE lessons and asked them:

“What do you take away from the PE lessons with your Up & Under Sports Coach?”

There was a wide range of responses, with a focus on fun, being healthy and being able to play with their friends. A huge number of children said they had fun during the sessions and played the games at lunch times and at other clubs. They said they enjoyed learning something new and we found their opinions were not just centred around the sport they were doing but on the social and mental benefits of exercise. As coaches we use language like, healthy, exercise, fitness, sportspersonship and respect and happily we can see these being instilled in our pupils through the language they use and their attitudes within our sessions including the way in which they treat each other.