Payment and Cancellation Policy / Terms & Conditions

Cancellation charges

Cancellations of Up & Under Sports courses can be made online via your account or by calling our administrative team.
Within 14 days of booking, you can cancel your place with no charge (if the course starts within this time period, you must pay for the value of the service provided at the point of cancelling)
Cancellations are subject to a 25% fee, the remainder is refunded to you by the original payment method, alternatively a full credit can be given for use in the future (see Credit Notes below).
Cancellations made within 7 days prior to the start of the course can only be made by our administrative team, please call 07896814270 to discuss your booking.
You can amend your dates prior to the start of camp free of charge (subject to availability)


Change your booking

We will change a booking like for like at any point (subject to availability). If your change incurs an additional fee – such as a different venue, this may incur a charge or refund/credit note. We will always advise you of the most cost effective way to amend your booking.



We reserve the right to exclude or refuse any person at any time prior to and during the course if, in our opinion, that person is incompatible with the general well being of the camp.
To give the very best experience, we have a number of policies in place regarding the safety and welfare of the children in our care.


Circumstances Beyond Our Control (Force Majeure)

We reserve the right to cancel any Up & Under Sports place, at any time, and with any notice period, in the event of circumstances beyond our control preventing us from operating a course as we planned. This clause applies to the cancellation of any and all Up & Under Sports booking made.
In the event of the cancellation of a Up & Under Sports booking due to a circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to review and amend our refund policy.


Credit Notes

When a credit note is awarded, this is valid for 12 months (unless otherwise specified). You can use the credit towards any dates/season that fall before it expires.
If you have credit on account from a previous year and you no longer wish to use that, our standard cancellation policy will apply. This will not apply in locations if Up & Under Sports courses is no longer running, where there has been a change of venue, if we no longer offer a programme for your child’s age or if you have moved and there is no Up & Under Course local to you.