Healthy Heroes

Healthy Heroes is a health and well-being programme designed to educate children with the knowledge they need to lead healthy, positive and active lifestyles.  It takes the form of two hours of curriculum delivery every week for a term, one hour being classroom based and the other, a practical PE lesson.

Healthy Heroes has been created from a social need to equip youngsters with the skills and knowledge to be able to be both physically and mentally healthy.  It is nationally recognised that childhood obesity is at an all time high which is a frightening statistic, however much of this is due to a lack of knowledge as to how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.   With high levels of gaming and screen time being heavily used by young people today, we also discuss the negative impact on both physical and mental health of too much screen time in addition to other health related issues such as diet, sugar and peer pressure.  Healthy Heroes will endeavour to create more understanding about health through our engaging and interactive lessons to encourage children to consider realistic strategies to improve their health.  The practical lessons are fun and designed to not only introduce children to sport and activity, but also highlight the enjoyment that can be had from being active.


Healthy Heroes has been designed to deliver cross curricular themes with strong links to Science, PSHE and DT.  The classroom component can be tailored to suit the need of each class. With 12 different classroom lessons covering health related areas such as screen time, mental wellbeing, understanding a balanced diet and positivity to name but a few to choose from, teachers can select themes of direct relevance to the children in their class to create a bespoke programme for use to deliver.

Up & Under Sports are passionate about improving the physical and mental health of young people across the South West.  We firmly believe that through educating children about how to keep physically and mentally healthy, we can help to create families and communities which are more active, more engaged and leading more positive lifestyles.

If you require any additional information about the Healthy Heroes program, please contact Jen, our programme leader, who will be happy to assist.


"The Healthy Heroes programme is brilliant. The children look forward to our learning each week and are now able to see links between Healthy Heroes and their own lives. It covers so much of the PSHE curriculum and encourages the children to reflect on their own learning and how they can make a positive impact on their own life."

Mrs Carol Snowden – PE Coordinator at Frogwell Primary School, Chippenham.

"We have been working with Up & Under Sports for a number of years and have always been impressed with the quality of delivery and commitment to improving the standards of PE within our school. The Healthy Heroes programme was very popular with our staff and our Year 5 and 6 children significantly benefited from the valuable messages about activity, health and well-being."

Miss Heather Scullion, Assistant Headteacher & PE Co-ordinator, Fynamore Primary School