Using an historical event to hightlight the importance of Sportspersonship

This term I was given sportspersonship to focus on in my sessions. As it was around Remembrance Day and coming up to Christmas, I thought it’d be a good idea to try and link what happened in WW1 on Christmas Day into a 1 off session with year 4’s at Queens Crescent school. Christmas Day 1914 the two armies of soldiers, from opposing sides, stopped fighting and played a game of football in no mans land. We looked at games focusing on supporting your team mates and showing respect to the opposition. The year 4’s were fantastic at these things making it clear they had respect for their team and the other team. At the end of each game they would shake hands with the opposition and in groups they had to discuss 3 things that the other team had done really well during the games and 1 thing that they could improve on in the next game. The year 4’s realised that even during a war where two armies of soldiers were fighting, they couldn’t believe the huge amounts of respect they had for each other.

Ollie Hemmings