A Fantastic First Year of Healthy Heroes

As we are nearing the end of the first full year of our Healthy Heroes programme, it is with great pride and a sense of real satisfaction that we look back and reflect on the impact that it has had on the children we have taught across the 6 Local Education Authorities in which we teach. 

Healthy Heroes is a programme which has been created to empower young people with the knowledge and understanding to be able to lead healthy lifestyles both physically and mentally.  There is a total of 12 lessons available and schools are able to select the 6 which they believe are the most relevant to their pupils so the impact is specific and purposeful.  Schools have enjoyed the flexibility of creating their own bespoke programme and it’s been interesting to note that there’s been very few schools which have selected all the same lessons, therefore highlighting the vast need of children across the South West with regards to health.

For the final term of this academic year, we are delighted to welcome 2 new schools to the programme and we are thoroughly enjoying working with the pupils at St Paul’s Primary School, Chippenham and Priestley Primary School, Calne alongside Almondsbury C of E Primary who we are returning to for another term and also St Patrick’s Primary School, Corsham, who have opted to receive the full 12 lessons for their year 5 and 6 classes. 

Looking forward to next year, we have already taken bookings from new schools in addition to our current schools who are rebooking for the next cohort of year 5/6’s.   Overall, we are absolutely delighted with the impact of our first year of delivering Healthy Heroes and the feedback that we have received from schools has been fantastic.  We are looking forwards, over the summer break, to review the lesson content and make any necessary changes so that Healthy Heroes will continue to evolve whilst nurturing, inspiring and educating young people to lead an active and positive life.