Creating Cohesion to Foster Development

The working life of a sports coach (as highlighted in our recent video ‘Day in the Life of Coach Stuart), can be exceptionally busy.  However, due to the nature of the job, it is very rare that our coaches get the opportunity to sit down and catch up face to face with the other Up & Under Sports coaches.

We want this to change.  The opportunity to share ideas, discuss strategies or development plans or simply to support or guide each other is a vital component of working together collectively to strive to meet our company goals and also to provide the highest standards of delivery possible.  With this in mind, we have introduced a new sharing suite where each coach has access to all company lesson plans and policies.  It is an opportunity to save and utilise shared ideas so as a company we can continue to grow.  We have also begun to use the virtual meeting aspect of the software so team leaders can catch up with their coaches to touch base, address any issues and discuss ideas moving forwards.

As a company we have a huge range of expertise and experience amongst our coaches in Up & Under Sports.  The new system that we have introduced will help everyone to broaden the depth of their knowledge whilst feeling more united and supported by each other and the company itself.