The Impact Project

We are delighted to announce that The Impact Project will now be delivered in to primary schools.  Targeting upper Key Stage 2, the course seeks to equip the students with the understanding and skills to be able to navigate their way through the ups and downs of growing up in the ever evolving world in which we live.  Through our delivery of Healthy Heroes, it has become apparent that a programme specifically focusing on mental health is sorely required for our young people and therefore we have spent time creating a programme for this age group which we believe will help to make the transition from childhood to adolescents a little smoother.

The Impact Project seeks to build individual self confidence within each child to help them to feel comfortable within themselves.    We endeavour to reduce self doubt and encourage celebrating uniqueness so that each child feels able to fearlessly follow their own pathway and not feel that they have to follow the latest trend or behave in a certain way to fit in with the popular group for example.  We consider relationships and learn to understand that the way we feel and treat ourselves sets the tone for all the other relationships we have.  Pupils will also learn about resilience strategies to utilize when situations don’t go to plan and how to bounce back, to keep going and to try again.  Through exploring the concept of a growth mindset, pupils will learn how to maximise their learning opportunities and not be afraid of making mistakes or getting things wrong.  Finally, we examine gratitude and how by opening our eyes and being appreciative of the lives we have, we can promote positivity not just in to our own lives but also other peoples.

In addition to the weekly classroom session that each school will receive, the children will also receive a practical sports session.  There is an enormous amount of scientific research which demonstrates that physical activity has a significant impact on increasing mood and positivity and reducing anxiety and stress.  Therefore, these sessions will reinforce the key theme of the classroom session and help each child to feel the benefit not just physically but also on their mood and their emotions.

We have been delivering The Impact Project to the Year 6 pupils at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School in Kingswood this term and we have been delighted by not just the attitude and openness of the children, but also the feedback we have received from both the staff and students concerning the relevance of the course content and also the impact that the programme is having on each individual.

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