New to Up & Under Sports – Assessment Cards

Over the past year at Up & Under Sports, we have been looking at ways to revamp our already successful teacher mentoring programme to further enhance the quality of this service.  The idea is that we are able to not only offer training for teachers in their understanding and delivery of Physical Education, but also that we are able to meet the needs and requirements of each teacher and school in which we work.

One question that teachers regularly ask is how to assess their pupils in PE lessons.  There is no requirement to assess pupils progress in PE, however many of our teachers have asked for assistance to further understand each child’s development and the different levels that children of different abilities should meet.

Therefore, we have developed a variety of different assessment methods for PE which can be both teacher and pupil led in the form of assessment cards.  These are designed to give each teacher a basic understanding of where we would expect to see a child in relation to their physical ability within a variety of different sports.  Using the vast knowledge of the different sports that we deliver as a company, we have developed these cards which will enable teachers to see how each child compares to a base level at each of their developmental phases.  For each sport we have created sport specific cards which give both visual and written information on what is expected of a child at each stage in their sporting development and what would be considered above expectations.

We fully understand that each child is different and will grow and develop at different rates, therefore these cards offer a foundation on which to look at each child and ascertain where they fit at that current time.

We are very excited to introduce our first assessment strategy in to our schools and are looking forward to seeing the impact that they have on helping teachers to gain an improved understanding of their children in each sport they teach.