Why collate pupil PE data?

Over the past academic year, Claire our Curriculum Manager was given the task of testing data collection within one of our primary schools. As a company we wanted to evidence work in the school related to PE and the Sports Premium funding. Larkhill Primary in Wiltshire agreed to be our testing school and over the course of the year, data was collected across all festivals attended, intra competition, leadership, interventions, sports day, after school and lunch time clubs, gifted and talented and children who attended local clubs. This then gave the school and Up & Under Sports a baseline of data for the future and identified areas for improvement.

For this new academic year, using the data we have collated the target for Larkhill Primary is to gain a Silver Kitemark Award.  This award encompasses all the government targets on competition and increasing activity in school children throughout all age ranges. Up & Under Sports, alongside the school PE coordinator have devised a plan using the Kite Mark award criteria, the sport premium funding plan along with the school PE statement on Intent, Impact and Implementation. The data collection and constant monitoring is a vital part to the success of this plan and we are hopeful that with the huge amount of evidence that we now have, our application will be successful.

If your school would like some guidance on how to track the physical progress of your young people and help to plan for future successes, please get in touch.  Kite mark criteria planning, data collection, consultations, curriculum mapping and support are all available from Up & Under Sports.